DesignSoft <![CDATA[TINA 10.2 Released, Seasons Sale with 30% Discount until Dec 31, 2015]]>,949.0.html The latest and improved version of TINA 10 has been released now with even more exciting features…

What’s new in TINA v10.2 ?

Windows 10 compatibility
Latest InstallShield 2015 Installer
Improved diagram settings persistence, diagrams will “remember” your last axis settings
Multistep new “Zoom out” function in diagrams
New temperature stepping modes: logarithmic and list
New analysis mode: Batch simulation (Analysis.Batch Simulation…)
Option for saving compressed TSC files (View.Options…)
Zoom or Scroll with mouse wheel, as set at View.Options
Pan and zoom support in the schematic editor for touch screen
Macro wizard: Configurable pin order & name at auto generated shapes
Improved Verilog-AMS: analog events in digital context and more
Faster MCU simulation, real time simulation of delays
Global parameters in Classic & Educational editions
Advanced DRC isolation parameters and Z ordering for copper shapes for PCBs
and much more
If you have already upgraded to v10 of TINA you will get this new version for free!

There is also a ton new features and improvements from TINA v6 to v9.

For a complete list of new features and improvements from TINA v6 to v10 see in TINA at our website

End-of-Year Promotion

For those of you who have not yet purchased or upgraded to one of our TINA 10 versions, this is the perfect time to catch up by taking advantage of our End of the Year 2015 Promoti...]]>;topic=949.0 Thu, 10 Dec 2015 13:00:35 GMT,949.msg1790.html#msg1790
<![CDATA[New TINA 10.0.40 update is available]]>,710.0.html
The dongle version update will be also available next week.

You can see the News, Changes and Fixes below but also at by clicking Support and then Frequently Asked Questions.

You can


NEW: Global parameters are enabled in Classic, Educational editions
NEW: new TINA edition: BasicPlus; it is the same as the Baisc edition but allows to simulate bigger circuits (max node number is 800)
NEW: added reference voltage in the Fourier spectrum dialog
NEW: MicroBasic lst file handling support added, hex/lst debugger

FIX: setting the phase parameter of sinusodial/cosinusodial signal
FIX: mixed mode diagram preview (digital outputs were dispayed multiple times)
FIX: 'Placement side' radiogroup items in Component property editor (PCB designer)
FIX: file load preview failed for circuits containing controlled sources
FIX: library and project file import fix to enable import of these files from another V10 installation
FIX: pdb library fix libray (4060)
FIX: fix of xy plot mode in the curve posptprocessor (diagram window)
FIX: DIG interactive simulation mode provided false result after a mixed mode TR interactive simulation
FIX: Tina V7 format export
FIX: network installation
FIX: Verilog-A AC mode
FIX: MCU breakpoint
FIX: fix of Fourier series transient calculation time, earl...]]>;topic=710.0 Sun, 16 Feb 2014 21:43:10 GMT,710.msg1351.html#msg1351
<![CDATA[TINA 10 update available]]>,698.0.html We have uploaded an update ( where most of the issues of the initial TINA 10 release have been fixed.
The only known issue that currently virtual instruments cannot be resized. This will be fixed in the next update.
You can update online from the Help menu of TINA under Check for Upates...
The Demo version has also been updated.
Thank you all for your feedback.
]]>;topic=698.0 Sun, 15 Dec 2013 18:47:28 GMT,698.msg1252.html#msg1252
<![CDATA[Tina v10.0 Released]]>,692.0.html
We are proud to announce the release of TINA v10 and TINA Design Suite v10!

We are sure you'll enjoy TINA’s many new features and improvements. We've done our best to bring the latest technology to your circuit design and simulation  activities, while maintaining the intuitive and easy user experience.

Here are some of the new features of TINA v10 and TINA Design Suite v10

You can download the demo from our renewed website under Demos

We tried to send a special offer for upgrading to this new version to all customers we knew, please contact us through our
Technical Support at

if we could not reach you and you want to upgrade to this great new version of TINA

Best regards


D. Michael Koltai
MD DesignSoft
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<![CDATA[Creating and analyzing a circuit on the iPad with TINACloud]]>,691.0.html  click the short URL to watch the video.

Even it you prefer installed versions it is an ideal supplement to view or modify your designs when you are at home or while travelling]]>;topic=691.0 Sat, 07 Dec 2013 01:56:42 GMT,691.msg1227.html#msg1227
<![CDATA[Happy 2013]]>,568.0.html
Thank you for your support!

software developer team]]>;topic=568.0 Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:34:34 GMT,568.msg986.html#msg986
<![CDATA[What is TINACloud?]]>,567.0.html Even it you prefer installed versions it is an ideal supplement to view or modify your designs when you are at home or while travelling  (youtube link)]]>;topic=567.0 Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:29:37 GMT,567.msg985.html#msg985
<![CDATA[New video: What is TINACloud?]]>,566.0.html Even it you prefer installed versions it is an ideal supplement to view or modify your designs when you are at home or while travelling  (youtube link)]]>;topic=566.0 Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:09:55 GMT,566.msg984.html#msg984
<![CDATA[Visit DesignSoft's stand at BETT]]>,564.0.html The largest education technology event in the world
London, UK
Stand D2
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<![CDATA[New version of TINACloud: 2013 jan 24 ]]>,563.0.html New: Rubber wiring tool in Schematic editor
New: Multiple selection in Schematic editor
New: Copy/Paste in Schematic editor
New: Undo/Redo in Schematic editor
New: Global parameters (for the Industrial version only )
Changed: Insert menu in Schematic editor toolbar
Fixed: Equation editing in Schematic editor
Cosmetic fix: Diagram insertion in Schematic editor
Fixed User macro definition bug]]>;topic=563.0 Sat, 26 Jan 2013 00:10:46 GMT,563.msg974.html#msg974