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ARCAD Professional Architectural Design Program

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ARCAD is a powerful, easy to use program for every aspect of your architectural project. Draw and edit plans, create photorealistic images and movies. Quickly and effectively design stairs, roofs, roof frames, landscaping, and much more. Calculate budget and materials estimates.

Other feature include a straightforward menu layout, logical structure and simple work surface design. Develop your own work style. Low minimum hardware requirements, yet supports top end hardware and the most up to date DirectX and OpenGL graphics systems.

With ARCAD's intuitive design and powerful functionality you can make your ideas a reality from day one!

        NEW features in ARCAD v14                                                 ARCAD Facebook

  • Import AutoCad DXF file

  • Creating blocks / Managing blocks

  • Bezier curve, ellipse drawing

  • Gradient fill drawing

  • Formatted texts (RTF) setting

  • New hotkeys funktions: E,F,G,L,P,R,S,T,W

  • New dimension functions

  • Draw eaves drain pipes automatically

  • Export 3D to HTML file

  • Rotate 3D plan automatically into a movie and more....

NEW features in ARCAD v12

  • Import SketchUp models

  • Wall- and pillar-decor feature

  • Beam and block shape designer

  • Print to PDF

  • First person camera movie maker

  • Sunlight exposure picture and movie maker function in 3D

  • Texture adjustment: brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma correction in 3D

  • Texture mapping in 3D and more....

NEW features in ARCAD v11

  • Designing in 3D and 2D environment in parallel

  • Extended symbol libraries containing garden, furnitures, pergolas, sunshades and more...

  • changing colours and textures in 3D

  • New intuitive user interface

  • New powerful 3D module

  • Create movie and animation movie

  • View your home in photo-realistic 3D and more....

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